Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My goodness...I cannot believe that our little Luke is 5 months old! Every day with him is just complete joy and we are having so much fun being parents. Luke now weighs almost 18 pounds, wears size 6/9 month clothes, and a size 3 diaper - big boy. He is coming very close to rolling from back to front, but can't figure out what to do with the arm that ends up underneath his body - he will figure it out soon enough! He has also started to try to sit up from a reclining position - especially in his bathtub! He thinks his feet are really interesting and likes to pull on his socks. I must give major thanks to the folks who make Trumpette and Gymboree socks - they are the ONLY socks I've found that actually stay on his feet!

He loves to play in his exersaucer and thinks it's great when he presses the buttons and different sounds and music play. He "talks" all the time and it cracks us up as he learns what sounds he can make. He sometimes seems surprised that the sounds are coming from his mouth! For a while, he was waking up at about 3 am and talking for a while before going back to sleep - it was fun to listen to, even at that early hour!  He still likes to eat about 5-7 times a day and still refuses a bottle. I had hopes that some of the new bottles might work, but alas, he is not a fan of anything artificial :-) I certainly don't mind one bit.

Sleeping continues to be a bit of a challenge, but we are making progress! I read a book my pediatrician recommended and am trying to put it to use. I am trying to get him on a morning nap schedule first and then go from there. We are very lucky that he sleeps well at night - he might wake up once or twice, but he always goes back to sleep quickly. I must admit that I am jealous of my friends who have babies who sleep for 2 hour naps! However, when Luke is awake, he is a happy little man - he is content to play in his exersaucer or on his play mat, so I can get some things done around the house. He loves to sit in his bouncy seat and watch me cook dinner. If the opportunity arises, I will be ready for an audition at the Food Network, because I narrate everything that goes on as I cook. Luke seems to get a kick out of it!

Luke has been to the church nursery twice - he seems to do very well in the nursery and the ladies just love him. I still obsessively check the parent pager that they give us, but I am beginning to relax a little bit!

We found out this month that we will be moving - ugh. Although our landlord told us that he intended to rent to us for several more years if we would like, he has suddenly decided to put the house on the market and not renew our lease (which is up at the end of April - yikes!). SO, we have jumped into house hunting full is not fun. We want to make sure that our next house isn't a maintenance nightmare and that it has a nice place for Luke to play...that, apparently, is an impossible combination. We have a great agent and I hope that something will come up soon. Luckily, our landlord is going to let us rent month-to-month until the house sells. This will be our eighth move in 11 years, so we are hoping that this one will be the last for quite some time!

One thing that Luke absolutely loves is going for a walk outside. We (along with the rest of the country) are enjoying some crazy summer-like weather. For this girl who LOVES the cold, it has been hard not to have any kind of winter, but it has been very nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine. For an early Mothers Day present, Kasey bought me a jogging stroller...the Bob Revolution SE - it is awesome. It is so much easier to walk fast with this than it is with the Orbit stroller - also, it is nice that he can get out of his car seat and stroll...our other stroller is really nice, but you have to use the car seat with it, so that can be limiting (and hot!).

Our days just fly by - we have a pretty good little schedule of events going - we are still going to our breastfeeding group and to Story Time at the library. We also go to the Magic City Slingers meeting, where we checked out the Scootababy carrier for the month (note how much fun the model and her child are having!). It is a great carrier because it allows Luke to sit on my hip - he can see out and I have my hands and sightline free - it is SO easy to use, comfortable and it does a great job of taking the weight of carrying him off of my back. I will definitely be checking this one out again!

We continue to marvel at how much fun it is to have Luke. We don't really remember life without him and don't want to! Kasey was in an endurance race last weekend in Tuscaloosa and said that he just thought about Luke the whole time - he said that Luke has just changed his heart - so true, so true. So many of the things that were such a top priority just aren't even on the radar anymore! We have such joy with him in our lives and are grateful for every minute we have with him!