Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa Success!

First of all, I must acknowledge my absolute failure as a blogger - I will eventually post a fall update (MUCH has happened since September!), but for now, it's all about our visit to see Santa!

My friend has a Paint Your Own Pottery studio and she has a "Painting With Santa Party" every year. It is great - you have a reserved time so you don't have to wait in line for hours at the mall and the Santa at her store is really the best - real beard and all! I was afraid we'd have a repeat of last year.....
Visit with Santa 2012

But we DIDN'T! He LOVED everything about it. He talked about seeing Santa and sitting in his lap for about a week before the actual date. When we walked into the store, he went right to the back of the store where Santa was sitting and immediately started talking, telling Santa all about the tractors, trucks, and Cookie Monster. After a little conversation and some knuckles, he climbed up on Santa's lap and told him that he wanted some chocolate, some cookies, a bell to ring, and a big Elmo. He was very definite about his wishlist! He went back about 10 times to tell Santa hello - it was so cute! 

After we saw Santa, we painted two ornaments and a "Cookies for Santa" plate. He did so well! After all of the excitement was over, GG and Pappy took us out to eat - a perfect ending to a wonderful day! 

Seeing Santa for the first time this year! Notice Luke's boots - he is absolutely obsessed with his "reindeer boots" as he calls them. He would wear them all day, every day if I let him!
More talking....Santa got an earful!

Talking to Santa

Knuckles with Santa

Santa, would you please bring me some cookies, some chocolate, a bell to ring, and a big Elmo? 

So excited to finally see the Big Man!

Somebody loves Santa!