Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back To School!

We are officially back to school! We went last week to meet the teachers, but today was the big day! His new school shoes arrived yesterday, just in time to wear them today - he thought he was BIG stuff!

His teachers are Ms. Dianne and Ms. Judy - they have been teaching his age group at his school for 24 years - I don't think Luke will be able to give them anything that they can't handle! He has all of his friends from last year in his class, so that will be good. They have a real curriculum this year, as opposed to last year when it was more of a nursery setting. They will go to music, crafts, and have kitchen time - I cannot imagine what kitchen time looks like with 8 almost-two-year-olds...those teachers must be on a mission from Heaven.

He was not thrilled when I dropped him off this morning. As we got in the car this morning, he decided that he wanted to sit in the front seat instead of in his car seat - unfortunately for him, that is a non-negotiable item. SO, he was already all ruffled when we got there and then didn't want me to leave. I am sure that he is just fine and is playing with all of his friends by now! He did the same thing last year, so he will just have to get used to his new surroundings.

I enjoyed my first morning to myself by hitting the grocery store and the gym. So adventurous, I know.

Here are a few more pictures of his first day, along with a picture from his first day last year...I cannot believe how much he has changed!

First Day Last Year
SO BIG! Notice the basketball hoop - he is SO into basketball right now - it is all he wants to do or talk about.

He looks so grown up in this picture - ready to go to school!

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