Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Luke is One Month Old!

Luke in his Daddy's Colorado Cyclist jersey - Daddy can't wait until he can buy Luke a mountain bike!

Luke (4 days old) and Mommy
Happy Birthday, Luke!

One month old!

Ready for his closeup at one month old! 

Luke is now ONE MONTH OLD! I cannot believe how fast this month has gone - any preconceived notions I might have had about how much we would love him or how much better our lives would be have been multiplied by about a million...it is just pure joy.

In the last month, he has really started opening his eyes and interacting with us. He is trying to grab at things and loves to look at bright colors. He also really likes to look at the ceiling fan in our den. He has slept in his crib every night except for one (when he slept in his bassinet and mommy kept her hand on his chest all night to make sure he was still breathing :-) He is such a good eater - yesterday at the pediatrician, he weighed 9.3 pounds - meaning that he has gained 3.1 pounds since we left the hospital. He is settling into a little routine, eating about every 2.5-3 hours and napping in between. He still has all of his hair, although folks tell us that it might still fall out.

He loves his Puj Tub and bath time - he just relaxes when he gets into that warm water! He is now in a size 1 diaper and has just about outgrown all of his newborn clothes. We punted on the cloth diapers for this stage of his life - they were a little too leaky and created a little too much laundry for this stage of the game. We are going to try them again in a few weeks when he is bigger and not going through quite so many!

He is doing SO well in tummy time, turning his head from side to side and kicking his legs so strongly. He loves to lay on his daddy's chest and push up like he is doing little pushups - we call him "Ivan" sometimes because he looks like a little Romanian wrestler - such a strong little fella!

Julio and Rashad are slowly getting adjusted, although they are not getting the naps that they used to. Nobody in the house gets uninterrupted sleep any more! They love Luke's toys and want to play with his play gym and his tummy time mat. Kasey went to Wal-Mart and bought them some special toys so that they wouldn't feel left out - they seemed to appreciate it!

We have been showered with food and help that we never expected - I am just now starting to cook again - we have had meals rolling in for an entire month!!!! We went to the grocery store yesterday and I felt like I was in a foreign land - everything is just so different now.

We are getting better and better at getting around once we leave the house - it is a strange choreography these days. Luckily, Luke really likes his car seat and does really well riding in the car. The only time he has been upset is when I pushed the time limit a bit past lunchtime - I will not do that again!

We are so looking forward to the holidays - my grandmother from Minnesota is coming and I cannot wait for her to see Luke. We are going to eat Thanksgiving lunch at my mom's (who has now decided that she wants to be called GiGi) and then eat dinner with GranT at Aunt Kelly's.

We are just so grateful for a healthy and happy baby boy - we are blessed infinitely beyond what we deserve and  are reminded every time we look at him what a gracious and loving God we serve. We pray every day that Luke will come to love Jesus and will seek after Him. We are just so grateful and cannot believe how something so tiny could make such a big difference.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Luke is just adorable, Allison! And what a full head of hair he has! Ellie is still working on that. I am so glad to hear that everything is going well and that he is gaining weight so well! Isn't it crazy how quickly the weeks fly by?