Friday, November 25, 2011

So Thankful....

This past year or so takes the prize for amazing and wonderful things happening in our lives. If you had told me a little over a year ago that by today we would have sold our house, I would have lost a job, we would have moved to another house, I would have gotten another job, I would have quit that job, I would decide to stay at home, have had a baby, and yet be amazingly content, I would have laughed you into next week. but it is true. It is SO true and we couldn't be more grateful.

Daddy and Luke on Thanksgiving - Luke's shirt says, "I'm Stuffed" - very cute.

Mommy and Luke - can you stand those little pants !!!!!???? 

This was the first year in a very long time that I didn't cook a large part of Thanksgiving dinner - all I brought to my mom's house for dinner was two cans of cranberry sauce, some Sister Shubert rolls, deviled eggs, and a sweet potato casserole - a far cry from the hours and hours I usually spend cooking and preparing for TDay! For round two of our Thanksgiving (at aunt K's), I showed up empty handed - I have NEVER done that before (although I did bring an awfully cute baby boy, which seemed to please everyone much more than any casserole I could have prepared!). It was very kind of our families to let us just relax and enjoy the holiday this year!
Dinner at Aunt K's - me, Aunt K, Aunt Betty, and GranT

GiGi's House

Luke seemed to enjoy the day very much - he was so sweet all day and let everybody hold him and make a huge fuss over him. He slept the whole time at GiGis and was hamming it up at Aunt K's.  One of the highlights of this Thanksgiving was being able to spend time with my grandmother. She is 89 years old and lives in Minneapolis, so I don't get to see her very often. She is amazing - she made her flight reservation online and was sharing her opinion regarding facebook and twitter at lunch (she's not a fan :-). Despite the miles, she and my grandfather always found a way to be involved in my life. They were at almost all of my school plays and events and always brought me up to Minnesota for 2-3 weeks during the summer. Some of my most special memories were made with my grandparents and cousins during those times, so being able to see her hold Luke was just so, so special.

Nana (my grandmother) holding Luke

So sweet! He fell fast asleep as soon as he got to her! 

Four Generations - Grandma (Nana) Ward, me, GiGi, and Luke (5 weeks, 6 days old)
For the rest of the weekend, we are going to try to get organized for the upcoming Christmas season, relax, watch some football, and enjoy spending time together. Our shopping lists are mercifully short this year, so we don't have to worry about getting out and fighting all of the crowds. I would like to do a little baking, but that can wait!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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