Friday, December 2, 2011

Seven Weeks!

Julio and Rashad birdwatching
This has been the best week yet (I know I say that every week, but this one was REALLY good :-) I think I still have some of those new mommy love hormones going, yes? Anyway, Luke has started smiling and cooing and it is just the best. He can act like a little turkey all day (which he does sometimes!) and he will give me a smile and all is suddenly right with the world.

My mom and grandmother came over on Saturday and graciously put up our Christmas decorations. It was so helpful to have four extra hands to help get things done. We got everything put up in about 3 hours - it would have taken me 3 days without their help! Julio and Rashad are doing their best to destroy the Christmas tree, but I have tried to be quick with the squirt bottle in an effort to deter their climbing endeavors.

On Sunday, I went to Sunday School and Kasey stayed home - it was so nice to see everyone at church and feel like I was "back in the game" a little bit. Daddy let mommy get a little nap on Sunday afternoon and it was SO welcome - Luke was a bit fussy all day Sunday and it can be really tiring when he can't get settled. We are learning how to work it out and how to soothe him as much as possible - it's all just part of it, I guess!

Monday was doctor day for mommy - I took Luke with me and Dr. H had a fit over him - she is the BEST doctor on earth - she said everything looked great with me, so that was welcome news! We went to Target after the doctor and got a few things - actually made it home without either one of us having a come-apart!

Tuesday night was a HUGE turning point (I hope) because Luke slept from 9-12 and then from 12:30-5:45! I count that as a FULL night of SLEEEEEP!!!! I hate to put this in writing, as I fear it won't happen again, but it was wonderful! We're really trying to be diligent about getting him in a routine at night. I know that I do best when I know what to expect, so I'm sure he does, too.

Wednesday night, Gran came over to visit and eat dinner and brought Luke a bag FULL of new clothes! Since baby boy is pushing 11 pounds, his newborn clothes are WAY too tight. She got him so many cute things, he is now one well-dressed boy! They make so many cute things for babies - I have had to practice extraordinary measures of self control not to go nuts on his wardrobe...considering he is only able to wear things for a few weeks at a time without outgrowing them, I must restrain myself. I must restrain myself. I must restrain myself.

On Thursday morning, my friend Amy and her little girl came to visit - her daughter was born 3 weeks before Luke, so it was fun to see what Luke might be doing 3 weeks from now - they change SO fast! Luke will have lots of friends at church - we have 5 girls in our Sunday School class who all had babies within 3 weeks of each other and one more is due in January! There must be something in those snacks at Sunday School.... Thursday afternoon, we visited my very sweet friend, Erin. Erin's dog had to be put to sleep over the weekend and we went over to help cheer her up a little bit. She is doing better, but it is still so sad to lose a pet, especially one you've had for over 13 years. Luke got SO much love at Erin's house! Nothing mends a broken heart like a little sweet baby smile!

Thursday night, we went out to eat at Pappas's - we made it all the way through dinner without a tantrum, so we counted that a success! We have only been out to eat a few times since Luke has been born and we have only gone to VERY family oriented restaurants - I know I will eat many of the edicts I proclaimed prior to Luke's arrival, but taking a baby to an expensive/non-family restaurant will not be one of them. There is nothing worse than looking forward to a great dinner out and then being seated by a screaming baby or even a potentially-screaming baby. Nope, not going to do it.

So, here we are at Friday! This morning, I slept in a little bit and I must have been WORN SLAP OUT because Kasey put Luke next to me and then climbed around the bedroom to take pictures of the sleeping beauties - ha - and I never knew a thing! I've been productive so far today - let's hope the trend continues! Have a great weekend!

Mommy, Luke (in daddy's Tempurpedic pillow), and Rashad - sacked OUT.

Busy and happy in one of his new outfits from Gran! He looks like a little lumberjack!

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