Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven Months Old!

Goodness gracious, where did the last month go? This has been such a big month, full of changes and new experiences! Luke continues to develop his little personality and it is just so much fun to watch! He is very, very busy - he grabs everything and wants to put everything he touches directly into his mouth. Needless to say, we are now quite conscious of what is on the floor around the house! He loves EVERYTHING electronic - cell phones, remote controls, computers, computer mouse - everything. I tried getting him his own little baby cell phone, but he is not interested in that - he knows the score - he wants the real deal. Unfortunately for him, those items are off limits, so we will have to keep him distracted with one of his approximately 300 other toys :-) 

In other news, we have moved! Moving with a baby adds a whole new level of challenge to the moving mix. He was SO good for the entire move and has transitioned like a champ. He loves his new room and is enjoying having more space to play and explore. We got everything unpacked and put away within 72 hours, so that has made our life easier now that we are living out of chaos. The last month was tough as we got packed up at our old place, so we were ready for order to resume! Luke's new room is upstairs, so that has been a little different, as we were used to having him 5 feet from our room, but I think he is sleeping better now that he doesn't hear every little thing that goes on in the house.

He has his own bathroom and we have put his little tub in the big tub, so now he can splash as much as he wants to! He loves playing with his bath toys and patting/splashing the water. We sing his Rubber Ducky song to him every night before his bath and he starts smiling and laughing as soon as we start to sing (although I think most people would laugh at two grown people singing "Rubber Ducky" to a little nakey baby :-) 

With regards to sleep, he is napping very very well - 2 or 3 naps per day, all for at least an hour. That has made mommy's life much more productive! He is still waking up a time or two at night - it's tough, but he is really hungry when he wakes up, so I don't mind one bit. He eats and then goes right back to sleep. He goes to sleep around 6:30, wakes up around 1 or 2 and then goes back to sleep until 6 or so.

He LOVES to roll, roll, roll! Diaper changes have become VERY difficult because as soon as I put him on his changing table, he tries to roll over to see what is behind him and what he could possibly grab. I have tried to distract him by putting a mobile over the changing table and by keeping toys all around, but most of those efforts are exercises in futility - the boy wants to move!

He is very close to crawling - he is pushing himself up very high with his arms and then does this little swimming motion with his legs. He scoots all over the place and can roll all over the room. There is no more leaving him by himself - it is amazing how much ground he can cover! The pack and play has become our little playpen and the exersaucer is still keeping him somewhat occupied. I put him in his high chair when I cook dinner and he seems to enjoy watching me cook. 

Speaking of food, he is enjoying eating his solid foods! So far, we have tried avocado, carrots, pears, bananas, squash, and sweet potatoes. He wasn't too sure about all of this eating at first, but now seems to have the hang of it. He really likes to handle the spoon himself and probably gets more of it on his face and on his tray than in his mouth at this point, but he is getting better every time we try.

He is working really hard on getting his crawl going - you can just see the look of determination on his face! As for his little "stats" - he weighs a bit over 19 pounds, is still wearing a size 3 diaper, and is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes. He is in dire need of another hair cut, but I am going to try to wait a little bit longer on that.

He loves playing with all of his toys. He loves his stackable cups, his ring tower, his soft blocks, and his Sophie giraffe the best, but still has love in his heart for yellow dog and blue elephant (we are really creative with the toy names around here :-) As of late, he is loving the Very Hungry Caterpillar teething toy, although any teething toy seems to be a winner with him.

He also LOVES to "read" - my mom got him a book called In My Den and he goes NUTS over it! It has a little finger puppet bear that weaves through the whole story and he just adores it. He loves to grab the bear and turn the pages. He also likes the Boynton books, Pat the Bunny, and his Peekaboo Color book.

Speaking of teething, no teeth as of yet! He seems to be really working on getting some, but who knows...I love his little gummy smile, so I'm in no hurry for those little chompers to arrive. He is still nursing 5-7 times a day and shows no sign of stopping. We are trying to get him to go straight to a cup, so we have tried (with limited success) to introduce a sippy cup. He doesn't seem interested in drinking from the cup - chewing on the cup handles, chewing on the side of the cup - yes. Drinking out of the cup, no. We will just have to keep at it!

Another milestone that we have finally reached is that Luke is now able to sit up in the grocery cart! It is so exciting to be able to fit more than a few items in the buggy. He loves sitting up in the seat and likes to eat my list and any coupons I might have, so those have to be hidden from view! The ladies at the grocery always make a big fuss over him and he totally knows it - he smiles for everyone and would give everybody a big sugar if I let him!

Mother's Day was, of course, very very special. We had a nice brunch at our house and then spent the afternoon relaxing. Kasey watched Luke while I napped - that was the best present of all! My mom was out of town on the actual day (she was winging her way back from across the pond), but she magically had a card appear and then I got to see her on Monday when they got back.

Luke was so good all day - he entertained everyone by making spitting noises and babbling from his party chair (his exersaucer). It was like he was a little DJ - very, very cute. He got a good nap between church and when everyone arrived, so he was in a very sweet mood and has everyone completely wrapped around his chubby little fingers.

Every day just gets better and better with this precious boy. He amazes me with how much he is learning every day and by how much fun he is! We are just so grateful and feel so very, very blessed! 

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