Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On the Road to Recovery

Yesterday, we got up SUPER early and headed to Children's South for Luke to get tubes in his ears! Over the past six months, he has had four ear infections, so the ENT and the pediatrician told us that it was definitely time.

We had a bit of a wait (even though we were first in line) - we got there at 6, but the surgery didn't start until 7:55 - luckily it was over by 8:04...not that I was watching the clock or anything. In the two hours that we had to wait, Luke had a great time playing with the toys in the surgery center - he was such a trooper - he was so tired and very hungry, but you would have never known it - such a big boy! I am shocked that I actually allowed him to touch anything, but desperate times called for desperate measures - managing a squiggly baby for 2 hours granted a temporary lapse to my germaphobia.

They let us take him to the big double doors outside of the operating room and then a sweet nurse took/pried him from my arms and took him back. Of course, he was smiling and giggling and waving - I was tearing up, but mama managed to hold it together.

When the surgeon came back into the room (9 minutes after they took him back), he said that everything went well and that I could feed him and take him home as soon as he was out of recovery. I heard Luke crying in the recovery room and that was about all I could take - luckily, the nurse brought him in before I broke down the doors. I fed him, he perked right up, and we went home. We then slept for almost 3 hours - oh happy day!

I am hoping that this will help him feel better, as the surgeon said that his little ears were full of fluid. So far, he has seemed like his normal cheerful self - I am wondering if the fluid was impacting his hearing, as he has been babbling and "talking" about twice as much since these tubes went in. Of course, Kasey says that it is all in my head, but I think I'm right ;-)

Plans are underway for the first birthday party - I am planning a Barnyard Brunch - isn't he a cute little farmer?

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