Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed....

This little monkey wasn't jumping on the bed, but he did fall down and bump his head! I got the call no mama wants from Luke's school today - they told me that he had slipped on the hard tile and face-planted onto the floor. He was such a big boy - they said that he didn't cry much except for when they put the ice pack on his head ;-) His teacher felt so bad - I told her that this was probably the first of many, many bumps for this active boy!

I called the pediatrician and they said that they wanted to see him, just to make sure everything was okay. They said that he looked just fine and that I should just watch him to make sure the swelling didn't get any worse and to monitor any change in his habits.

He got some extra love and attention all afternoon and we went to Target, where I proceeded to purchase about 300 pairs of gripper socks! No more slip and slide for this sweet boy!

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