Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Little Patient

Okay, all of these pictures are super blurry because the little patient would not slow down - not for ONE second.

We have been struggling with Luke's ears since February. We had one set of tubes put in on August 27 and have had seven ear infections since then. SO, I switched ENTs and had a consult this past Monday. During our visit, we learned that Luke's tubes were non-functioning (not a surprise) and that he had some significant hearing loss in his right ear due to fluid and blockage. They fully expect the hearing to return as soon as the blockage is cleared, but that was scary news. We also learned that the culprit behind the ear infections might be his adenoids. The ENT wanted to act very quickly, so he scheduled surgery for this past Thursday.

Once we arrived at the surgery center, Luke took on the position of social director. He had to "talk" to everyone and greet everyone that he saw. They have toys everywhere and Luke decided to "help" a little girl who was riding on one of the toys. She didn't seem to mind and he did a great job of pushing her around on the little riding toy. It was hilarious. He looks like such the little old man in these pictures with his hospital gown, dark socks, and tennis shoes.

Luke on the move, pushing his new friend around the hallway

Stopping for a millisecond so mama could take a picture

Off again! Check out the dark socks and tennis shoes - hilarious. 
The surgery took about 30 minutes and he was absolutely pitiful when they brought him back to me. He had to have an IV and he was not loving it. The doctor said that his tubes were in horrible shape and that his adenoids were really, really big. Hopefully, this will solve some of our issues. He has been a little stuffy the past day or two, but seems to be recovering well. I am praying that the ear infections will stop - they are so hard on him and I hate giving him so many antibiotics. Time will tell, but I am optimistic!

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