Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wreath Project

Waiting for Baby Burleson to arrive has provided me with an abundance of nervous energy. This, combined with my usual inability to sleep soundly or completely, could be a very dangerous combination. However, I have decided to use my powers for good and channel some of my jitters into making craft projects. SO, yesterday afternoon I decided that I needed a fall wreath for my mantle. I did a little online research to get some ideas and then headed off to Joanne's to hunt and gather.

We have to be very careful what we put up on the mantle, as Julio and Rashad love to jump up and walk across. We learned the hard way that anything fragile/breakable is not suitable for mantle display :-) SO, here is what I came up with (pardon the picture quality - the picture was taken with my phone, as the camera is optimistically packed in the baby bag).

The base is a 24" grapevine wreath, wrapped in a multi-colored yarn. I made the flowers out of felt...192 handmade felt flowers, to be exact. I made the flowers in three different sizes and four different colors. I tried to place them in some sort of pattern, but ended up with a relatively random design. I am planning to hang it with a coordinating ribbon. The project was really easy, but a little tedious...a perfect outlet for nervous energy!

Total work time was about 5 hours, total cost was $25...not too bad for a bored and antsy mama-to-be on a budget!

As for the Baby Burleson update, I go to the doctor tomorrow and we will see what she says regarding how much longer the wait will be!

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  1. seriously? 192 felt flowers?! it looks really good. i would like to learn how to do the flowers, just let me know.

    good luck today!