Monday, February 20, 2012

Luke's First Hair Cut

Check out this baby mullet...definitely time for a little trim!

So excited to see himself in the mirror! 
I realize that it is tradition (at least where I live) to wait until a baby is at least a year old to cut his hair. HOWEVER, Luke was rocking a baby mullet with which I was becoming quite uncomfortable. And speaking of uncomfortable, his hair was constantly getting stuck in his collar and falling down in his eyes. Additionally, Luke is being dedicated at church on Sunday and I didn't want him looking like a ragamuffin in front of the whole congregation. SO, off to the salon we went. I must admit that I felt silly making an appointment for my 4 month old, but the kind folks at Richard Joseph Salon gladly obliged. Gigi met us at the salon and Brittney got us ready to go.
Who is that cute baby in that mirror?

He LOVED the floor to ceiling mirror that was in front of the chair - he couldn't quit looking at himself...pretty cute. He was really still and let Brittney give him a cute little haircut. Of course, I saved all of the hair and will put it in his baby book (once I get going on that...) Everyone in the salon was just making a big scene over him and he loved every minute (as did his mama and Gigi :-)

Waiting for Miss Brittney to get her station ready

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