Monday, April 16, 2012

Six Months Old!!!!

How did this happen? How am I six months old?

Wow. I cannot believe that Luke is six months old...this has been the fastest six months of my life and, by FAR, the most amazing. This has been such a big month. Luke continues to amaze us and delight us beyond what we thought possible!

Early in the month, he started rolling from back to front and front to back - unfortunately, that meant that we had to say bye-bye to the Miracle Blanket - the swaddle had been our friend for six months, so it was quite a transition to suddenly not be all swaddled tight at night time. We had 4 or 5 rough nights, but then he got back in a groove and is sleeping well. Although he has slept through the night, it is not his routine :-) He is still waking up once or twice to eat, but he eats quickly and goes right back to sleep. I know these days are going to be gone far too soon - I am going to enjoy them while I have them! 

He is also sitting up pretty well. Most of the time, I put the Boppy behind him, but he can reach out and find a toy and then get back up most of the time. He doesn't freak out if he falls from his seated position, so that's good! He sits well in his high chair and has enjoyed getting to be eye-level with mom and dad during meals. Speaking of meals, he had his first bites of food this week! He tried some pears and wasn't a fan at first. We have been trying a little bit every day and he actually ate about 5 spoonfuls today. I am going to try to make most of his food with the awesome Beaba that I borrowed from my friend. It is really easy to use and I like knowing exactly what he is eating! 

He has become so much more aware of the world around him and it looks like he is really thinking about everything he comes into contact with. He loves playing with his toys and REALLY loves his new Johnny Jump-Up that our neighbor gave him. Whenever he is in it, he just bounces and bounces and bounces - he LOVES it. He gets tickled with himself and just giggles most of the time he is in there - he also likes to drop his toys off of his tray and thinks it's great when we pick them up and put them back. He loves this little blue crinkly elephant and just studies it and plays with it (and then eats it :-)

Naptime has GREATLY improved this month. He is now taking 2 or 3 naps a day - I read a book that my pediatrician recommended and it really worked for us. It seems that everyone has a different way of dealing with sleep, but Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child worked for us! He is able to go to sleep on his own and can fall back asleep on his own. He is so much happier when he is well rested (and so is mama!)

We go to the doctor on Wednesday, so it will be interesting to see how much he's grown since last time. He has completely outgrown most of his six month clothes, so I know he's gotten longer! He now wears a size 3 diaper, and 9-12 month clothes. He still refuses a bottle, so we will probably go straight to a cup in a few weeks or so.

We are getting ready to move, so he has been such a trooper while we pack and get things ready to go. I am a little nervous about the move, but he seems to be an adaptable little fella, so I think he'll do just fine. His new room is upstairs, so I am very grateful for our video monitor! We are very excited to have more space for him to play and explore.

We are just so amazed that he is our little boy - we are so proud and grateful to be his parents!

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